Our mission

To become the world's top company in supplying industrial dust collector solutions.

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Dust Controllers & Power Equipment is the leading supplier of product solutions focused on our customers needs in the tunneling industry.


Dust Controllers & Power Equipment is leading in delivering dust solutions within mining operations.

Civil constructions

DC PE has years of experience with civil operations and is expert in delivering dust collector solutions in the industry.


Providing dust solutions within excavation activities is one of our specialties.

We can't be any more satisfied with the treatment from Dust Collectors & Power Equipment

Satisfied Client

Lachlan Smith


Increasing the safety of operators and the environment.

Development & Innovative thinking

Exploring the limits of what is possible.

Sustainable development

Acting in a manner that is both sustainable and ecologically beneficial.


Industrial projects will benefit from products that save time and money.

Experts in Dust Control

Ensuring a dust and odour free environment