DC PE provides a wide range of dust collector solutions all over the world. Sustainability, cost-effectiveness, effective dust control services, physical well-being, and a safe working environment are our top priorities.

The potential for a transportable dust control device to suit a wide range of industrial applications was recognised in 2014. The first mobile dust collecting technology was developed after a significant expenditure in research and development.

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These mobile dust collectors have patented technology that distinguishes them as cutting-edge dust collection systems. Mobile dust collectors are quickly earning a reputation as the world’s most efficient dust collectors, and they’re revolutionising dust extraction operations and ventilation design. Our management system is constantly updated, and our environmental and quality standards are recognized and respected across the world.

Our team have over 21 years’ experience providing industrial dust collectors solutions. We focus on adding value through a total service offering, providing ventilation design, manufacture, implementation, ongoing project management and onsite maintenance and technical support.